Daniels O'Connell Corporate Real Estate Practice

Commercial Real Estate

Tracey Daniels has significant experience handling commercial acquisitions, dispositions, financing, ownership, management and leasing of all types of commercial real estate including multi-family, mixed use, offices, condominiums and cooperatives.

Leasing is a unique area of real estate in that it must provide a framework for the ongoing relationship between the landlord and tenant. Tracey has experience not only drafting and negotiating commercial leases but providing legal services once the lease relationship is in effect, such as preparing renewals and amendments and interpreting existing lease provisions in the event of a dispute.

In New York, converting a building to a cooperative or condominium is a frequent occurrence. Tracey has represented numerous developers and sponsors of condominium offering plans for major development projects in New York and has substantial experience in both new construction and the condominium conversion process. Tracey can provide the legal services required for a successful conversion, from the acquisition and financing of the property to preparation of the offering plan, contract negotiations and closings. In addition, Tracey represents cooperative and condominium buildings on an ongoing basis in connection with their general corporate and condominium association matters including those relating to tenant stockholders and unit owners, board members and managing agents.